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  • GROUNDBREAKING ART & FASHION COLLIDE Located in SugarLand, the birthplace of artist Santana Draper is the “thang” Santana calls GoundBreaking Art & Fashion designs. What started off as a passion for the young artist has eventually grew into a full on “Graphic T-shirt” art Collection. The Merging of Urban Contemporary themes & Classical Art was the motivation for his Series 1. Santana wants to keep the integrity of art making intact, using the technique of making each Tee requires a traditional approach. “1Color 1Design 1Shirt 1Boy” Santana says it is all about the ART.
  • HERE AND NOW “It is time to WEAR&GIVE”, Santana says all of us can make a difference by harvesting our talents. Santana decided early on to create art to inspire, challenge and to change the days of conformity.
  • Explore Learn Legacy "My American Dream, as I see it...." Santana fells we all have discovery moments. We should understand ourselves and embrace daring designs.
  • IT’s ALL IN THE ICONIC LOGO “Lions” strength, “Pangaea” humanity, Santana’s desire to make a cultural movement starts with his LOGO. Well, if all super heroes have a symbol? Here you go.